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Friday, August 26, 2016

The 10 Supplies You Should Not Paint Without

Hey all! Today I want to share with you some tips for painting inside your home. Not that I am an expert, because I definitely am not. However, between the months of April and August last year, we painted six different rooms and I'd like to think we learned a thing or two through the process. Each "painter" is different in what they prefer to use while painting. These are the 10 supplies I personally cannot imagine painting without.
1. Drop cloth {or old shower curtain or sheet}
Really, you just want to protect your floors. No matter how careful we are, we still find some way to drip paint everywhere. In my experience, it doesn't matter what kind of drop cloth you use, as long as it protects your floors from drips and spills. We used these cloths for every paint job in our house, however we have also used shower curtain liners and old sheets in the past and they work just as well. 

A little trick to help prevent tracking paint all over your home, wear socks. Keep your socks on while painting and while on the drop cloth, anytime you step off the drop cloth, remove your socks. We always find a way to step in paint that has dripped, and then track it through the house when we need a bathroom break. Wearing socks also prevents your feet from getting covered in paint. Win-win. 
I've mentioned before that I really prefer Frogtape, however we used ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for a couple of rooms and I found that it worked just as well. The key is knowing how to apply and remove the tape. Sliding a credit card over the tape can help seal any small gaps. Most painter's tape should be removed while the paint is still wet. Peel it back very slowly and at an angle. This little tutorial is super helpful for novice painters.
Costco - great for so many things
3 & 4. Paint Opener and Stirrer 
I needed to include these because they're just as significant as the paint is. While I have, on occasion, used a screwdriver to open a paint can and used that same screwdriver to stir the paint, it's so much easier and way more effective to just make sure you have these supplies on hand. They're inexpensive and totally necessary {stirrers are usually Free!}. 
5. Paint Trays
Using disposable trays, or covering a tray in foil, saves so much time and hassle. You don't have to worry about cleaning out the tray and there won't be any paint left over that could possibly mix when using different colors. Invest in a good base tray, then place disposable trays or foil overtop and have easy cleanup. 
6. Sample Paint 
I'm all about trying to save money but in the case of painting, I recommend spending a little in order to save a lot. You can buy a small sample size of a desired paint color to use for testing before purchasing an entire gallon of paint. 
Paint a small amount on each wall in different areas of light. It's amazing how light can change the way a color appears. We ended up changing everything about the colors we planned because very pale blues ended up looking very, very blue on our walls. Even the gray colors that we ended up going with look blue in our home.
One of the other great things about having samples is you have an easy touch up paint when needed. Additionally, I was able to do several DIY projects with our sample paints to make some items match our home. 
Magnetic Key & Mail Organizer / Nursery Art / Letter Holder / Picture Frames / Guest Room Art / Entryway Frame
7. Handy Paint Cup {not pictured above} 
This little guy makes painting edges and along ceiling trim so much easier. Instead of going up and down the ladder each time you need to rewet your brush, just fill this pail up with a bit of paint and go. It also has a small magnet on the side where you can rest your brush when taking a break. Genius. 
I don't know how I ever painted without this. Brit and I have a great system in place where I paint the edges and tight spaces, and he follows me with a large roller. This little paintbrush is the best brush for painting along the trim and in corners. The angled brush is so precise, and the small comfortable handle prevents my hands from getting cramped when painting large rooms with tons of windows and doors to go around.
Another little tip {which I haven't tried but really want to}, store the paintbrush in a Ziploc bag or plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator between coats {whaaaat???} Yes. The cold air prevents the paint from drying and prevents you from needed to furiously clean the brush numerous times. Just take the brush out of the fridge 10 minutes before going back to painting {if you've done this, tell me all about it! Please}. 

9. Paint Rollers 
The main thing to know about rollers is the thicker the wall texture, the thicker the roller. So for a flat, non-textured wall, a roller with 3/8 nap is ideal. For highly textured walls {like stucco}, a 1¼ nap is best. There are also different materials of rollers, for the most part a synthetic {or polyester} roller is what you'd use unless you're painting with latex or oil based paint {it will also say all of this on the packaging}. 
10. One-Coat Paint
When we first purchased paint for the house, we wanted the best of the best. In our apartment we always bought the cheapest of the cheap because the apartment had 50 years of paint layers on the walls already so it wasn't worth it to us to get high quality paint. 

That being said, we decided to buy Sherwin Williams Emerald paint. We were totally sold by the nice salesman that this paint is the best paint on the planet and it is the only paint we'll ever need in our entire lives. He convinced us we'd only need one coat... three coats later we finally finished the first room, then took a trip to Home Depot to do a color match of the remaining colors for the house. 

We ended up purchasing Behr Marquee, still a more premium paint, but at $40, it's $15 cheaper than Emerald and totally worth it. 
We only needed one, maybe two, coats of the Marquee, depending on the previous wall color. I believe Brit put it perfectly when he exclaimed, "Oh my gosh this stuff is like butter! It's so thick and goes on perfectly!" So there you have it, butter paint is best. 

A Few More Tips On Paint
We found that based on the colors we were using and the color already on the wall, primer was an absolute waste of time. The very, very successful salesman at Sherwin Williams also convinced us that primer was necessary, even if the paint was a "paint and primer" mixture. Basically, anytime he suggested something we bowed down, begged to kiss his ring, and gave him our credit card. 

To save you all the hassle, don't waste the money on primer if you're buying a one-coat paint. For us, it just ended up being an additional coat for the 2-3 coat job we already had ahead of us. With the Marquee paint, we only needed to do one, maybe two coats without using a primer. 

Color Plan: 
Have a plan for the room and think about how it complements other rooms in your home. Our home is far from the "open concept" every Fixer Upper participant requires. However, I still wanted each room to flow nicely into the next. To do this, I picked a color scheme that would allow rooms to go with each other without feeling like they all needed to be the same color.
Bracing Blue / Lazy Gray / Olympus White / Ice Cube
Also, be willing to adjust the plan. We picked up sample paints and tried out Upward and Icicle on our downstairs walls but they were soooo blue! Like really bright blue {yes, even the Icicle which appears very gray here}. We also vetoed the Master Accent idea. I was so excited to paint our back wall a darker color, but it ended up not looking right either. So we used two colors from the paint strip with LBJ's room color {Lazy Gray}. We painted the Front Room Ice Cube and Living Room Olympus White, as well as all the walls in the Master.  
Eventually, we plan to paint the hallways and staircase Ice Cube as well, but we are in no rush to paint again, even after a year of rest.
Dining Room in Bracing Blue
Front Room in Ice Cube 
Living Room in Olympus White
Master in Olympus White
Nursery in Lazy Gray
Note: the way the colors appear on the Sherwin Williams website do not look the same on our walls. 
What painting supplies are a must for you when painting? Have any of you tried the refrigerator paintbrush trick? I'm dying to know if it really works. 

**Just a little side note, I think I accidentally typed "pain" instead of "paint" in this post about 100 times... Freudian slip??

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Home Tour: One Year Later {part 2}

Wow, you guys. You really know how to brighten someone's day. I mean, I seriously debated for so long whether or not to share a home update because I really just felt like who the heck cares what our house looks like one year later. But you all have been so nice and I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you! :) You made my day, week, month and year {seriously!}. 

One tiny little bitty piece of information I forgot to share last week that I think is just so super duper cool. Our house, our clearly a colonial style house, used to be a cape. 

Our house now...
The original house
Yes. That is our house. And this is it two owners ago.  
Previous owners
Can you even believe it?! We actually got to meet the family who lived here two owners ago {before it was gutted and updated}, and they were able to share these photos with us. I just thought this was so awesome and had to share it will you guys. Funny thing is, when house hunting I kept telling Brit I really wanted a cape style house. And now here we have one, just masked in a colonial. 

Anyway, back to the home tour. I should warn you guys, our upstairs is far less finished than our downstairs. 
Bedroom 1: The Nursery
LBJ's nursery was the first room we focused on upstairs. The kid had a bed before we did and he wasn't even born yet. 
I shared his room previously, so here are some shots of his space from that post. 
Ok, little update on this room. It's actually changed a lot in the last month or so. Our little man is a bit of a vampire and hates light. At least when trying to sleep. So, thanks to Brit, this is what our adorably decorated little nursery looks like now. 
LBJ is of course blurry because for him to be focused he would have to stop moving, which he never does. 
Other than the glider, we have also added a dark navy fitted sheet draping eloquently over the side window, and large, reflective pieces of foil taped nicely over the other two windows. Isn't it lovely? Although I totally hate the lack of natural light this room has now, I totally love a baby who sleeps happily. So, win some, lose some. 

Bedroom 2: Guest Room
The second room to come together was our guest room, again, not the master. The bedroom isn't very large at all and barely fits the full bed we have in there. To see the official guest room reveal, click here!
The room was already painted blue, which I loved, so we actually didn't do anything in here except add shelves. I found the antique trunk at a tag sale {northeastern version of a garage sale} and was able to get it for only $35! I know I bragged about this steal before, but I am just so obsessed with it. 
All of the frames used to be black, but after adding some paint and stripes they really bring the room together.
I shared how I created this welcoming sign here. It still makes me giggle when I see it.

Bedroom 3: Guest Room
This room quickly came together by putting up random artwork I had done, and really didn't love {except the crayon art, I still really love that one}, and a quick run to Home Goods. 
I picked up the pillows, bench seat, and small baskets for this room and then it was finished.
The curtains were originally purchased for LBJ's room however they were too overwhelming in there. I actually really like the softness they bring to this space.
To be honest, this room still makes me feel a little blah. I think because the walls are a pale pink and I'm trying to decorate it with red. I'd paint it but part of me is holding off because what if LBJ has a little sister some day... This could be her sweet little pink princess room with ruffles and bows and... {yes, I'm crazy}...{or am I?}

It's not the largest bathroom but it's definitely not the smallest. I have faith that we can make this bathroom work no matter how many children we add to our family. The previous owners had FOUR GIRLS and they all shared this bathroom. Given, they did choose to move into a larger space; they still made it work for over a decade.
Had to take a panoramic picture to actually capture the space, that's why it appears bigger than it is.  
Ok, get ready for disappointment city. Our master bedroom is still a serious work in progress, although neither of us is really working on it. We haven't really done a thing except purchase a bed and paint. When we moved in we slept on a camping blow up mattress before we finally got a new mattress.
About three months later we purchased a bed. Let me just tell you, sleeping on a mattress on the floor while pregnant was not my favorite thing.
We painted this room the same color as the Front room, but it could probably use another coat. We have mismatched bedside tables because Brit is in the process of sanding down and painting our old ones. He did the same for our old dresser and we love the way it looks, however the color just doesn't fit well next to the curtains. So we're going to change them to white, someday. 
See the dresser "before" in this post. If we're successful, maybe I'll share a full "how to". Big "IF" there though.
We have plans to put up some photos and artwork. Maybe purchase a chair or settee for Brit's side of the room. Remove the bookcases {from our old office and just didn't know where else to put them}. And reinstall the curtain rods, because they are falling out of the wall, and put the finials back up. Like I said, this room is still a work in progress.

Master Bath Our bathroom, however, is seriously a dream. I just want to let you all know I have never, not once, taken this room for granted. It is a palace of a bathroom to me and I cannot believe it's real. The bathroom in our apartment was about the size of our shower, seriously, so this is heaven.  
The best, most wonderful, most important part of this entire room: two sinks. This is a marriage saving feature. Brit said early on, you worry about yours, and I'll worry about mine. YEESSS!!! Gone are the days of me scraping old, dried toothpaste from the shared sink, at least until LBJ starts brushing.

Master Closet
The closet is an organizer's dream. 
We're able to store all of our clothes for all seasons in this space. Now the only clothes that are boxed up are maternity clothes {although some days it's quite tempting to unpack those and just wear elastic waistband jeans again}. 
I added a little jewelry storage behind the closet door. It's hidden so it doesn't make the closet look cluttered, and each necklace is easy to see and grab. I just need to find an occasion to wear necklaces again without fearing that LBJ will promptly rip them from me neck {details, details}
LBJ loves the necklaces dangling down as well. He seriously crawls straight for them when he's in our closet. 
That is until he gets distracted by his own cuteness.  
And I think that's a perfect place to end. 

Not quite as thrilling as the first floor, but it's coming along. Aside from LBJ's room, the Blue Guest Room is my favorite. There's just something about it that makes me want to cozy up in the blankets with a cup of coffee and stare out the window.  

So what do you guys think, paint the pale pink room or hold out for a baby girl in the house? {or two, or three...}

{check out part I here!}

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